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The Brygga

HeimBrygga is a 200 years old charming wooden building and the oldest running Brygga on Skrova.

The Brygga has been used for many different proposes, including storage, suppliers shop, cafe, post office…. During the 90’s, the building was fully restored to what we can see now. 

After the renovation it became a Restaurant and eventually the rooms on the first floor started to be rent out. It has been changing ownership and management quite often, being known in the past as “Zacharias Brygga”, “Zakken” and “Fotobrygga”.

In November 2021 changed ownership and now we are happy to call our beautiful Brygga – Heimbrygga.

Why Heimbrygga?

Heimbrygga has different meanings for us...

The island where the Brygga is located is called “Heimskrova”.
“Heim” is a word with strong roots from Old Norse meaning “Home”…
It’s great to us to see how guests seem to feel at “home” here.
And at last, it’s where we – the new owners, Mario and Monica found a new Home…

Our Story

"All roads lead to Skrova"

It’s difficult to find two people as different from each other as Mario and Monica.

Mario is from USA, born into an Norwegian and Sicilian family. Grow up within the Family Restaurant industry and from very young, his love for food and cooking became a strong part of his life.

Monica is from Portugal and from young age was attracted by the world of travelling and visiting new places. It was natural that all the professional life has been connected to Tourism.

Both working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry somehow met in Skrova.

Not long after the Covid-19 Pandemic started, they started to run Fotobrygga and finally in November 2021 bought the Brygga, which became Heimbrygga Restaurant & Accommodation.

We hope to see you soon!














Our Values

Our Values are deeply connected to how special Skrova and Skrova’s Locals are. In such a small island, lines between work and personal became foggy. We hope to give back to “our” island and islanders as much as we can. 

We support other local providers, purchasing as much as possible locally, try to schedule our opening hours towards local needs and in general base our decisions balancing local interests with our own capacities.

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