The accommodation


HeimBrygga Accommodation

HeimBrygga is a 200 years old charming wooden building and the oldest running Brygga on Skrova.

Heimbrygga accommodation is on the first floor, we have 3 double rooms and 1 single room. There is a spacious living room with kitchen facilities and an amazing view to the waterfront. The premises include 2 shared bathrooms. The rooms can be rented separately or as full house.

Extra Information

Accommodation is open all year around and it can be booked as separated rooms or full house. 

It’s possible to book the full house for long stays – weekly or monthly – for a promotional price.

We don’t recommend to bring the car to the island, since parking space can be challenging. Heimbrygga Accommodation is right by the ferry dock.


Long Stays

Heimbrygga Accommodation is the perfect base to refill energies and be away from the busy everyday hustling. We offer special deals for people interested in long stays, weeks or even months. We offer good wifi connections, cozy bedrooms and a gorgeous living room with kitchen facilities.

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