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Heimbrygga Restaurant & Accommodation is located in Skrova, a little island, part of the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway.

How to get to Skrova

The nearest Airports are Svolvær, Bodø and Harstad/Narvik (from here you need to get the bus or rent a car to reach Svolvær).

You must take a boat to Skrova from Svolvær, from Bodø or Skutvik (Skutvik route is just during Summer Season).

Ferry – There is a ferry 3-5 departures per day from/to Svolvær. The journey takes aproximately 30 minutes. There is a different schedule depending of the time of the year.

During Summer the Ferry travels between Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik.

Ferry Svolvær-Skrova

Winter Schedule 

During Summer, the ferry travels between Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik

Summer Schedule

Hurtibåt (Express boat) – There is one departure everyday  Bodø – Skrova – Svolvær.

Hurtibåt Summer/Winter Schedule

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