What to do


What to do in Skrova

Skrova is a beautiful small island in the Lofoten Islands with beautiful nature, amazing views, interesting culture and tasty gastronomy.

Here are some suggestions!

Skrova Cultural Walk

Discover the picturesque island of Skrova on a short walking trip!

Once the biggest fishing village in Lofoten, Skrova has a long history connected to fishing and whaling, but also a thriving community who has been changing and adapting through times.

Rent a bycicle or trycicle

A different way to explore the island!!

At Heimbrygga you can rent a trycicle to explore the island. This is a fun and orginal way to see the surroundings!

To rent Skrova bicycles you must download the app “Skrova City Bike”

Skrova Flavours

3 Course Dinner Experience

This is a Special menu created and inspired by Skrova’s Sea food Traditions. 

It must be booked in advance.

Fishing Trip

A different way to explore the island!!

Kayaking in Skrova

Kayaking is the best way to experience the white sandy beaches and the crystal turquoise water of Lofoten’s little Hawaii!

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